Monday, May 31, 2010

Can they be this stupid?

Frequently, I've seen posters attempt to put up some mispelled signs to discredit tea partiers. Think they'll put these up?

That's "kick us to the curb", not "throw us to the curve". LoL! And yes, you are criminal if you're illegally here. Do it the legal way please!

Immagrants, huh? Hahahahaha!

We "meed" reform! LMAO!

WTF? You can leave America now!

That's upside down. And does anyone know what an "addess" is?

One site reports "tens of thousands". Another reports "thousands". From the pictures I've seen, it's no ten thousand. Maybe 5,000 at most. The most common shot is a view down the street to the Capitol of Arizona state. If you get a good close look, the crowd is fairly sparse. Link

Oh, and nevermind the Tempe Diablo Stadium packed with supporters of SB 1070.

The above link shows a stadium full of SB 1070 supporters. Not a lot of coverage about that in the media, I bet.

Nothing wrong here.

Go ahead, Pedro! Beat the white Republican lady with your bat!

Nothing wrong with using the swastika now, huh Pelosi?

Wait a minute, that swastika is backwards!

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