Sunday, August 23, 2009

Gil Smart returns to idiocy

This week, (Help Society, Help Yourself) Gil claims that "the big conservative fear" is that "the notion that greater empathy can produce greater efficiency will succeed".

Gil couldn't be more off the mark. Empathy and effeciency can't be tied hand in hand. You could have an extremely empathetic healthcare system that is thoroughly inefficient.

What the "big conservative fear" is (if Gil really wants to know) is that Obamacare would be very inefficient, costly, and a huge mistake for America, no matter how empathetic Obama is or pretends to be. Why does Gil think regular people are out in full force yelling, screaming, stomping and doing whatever else it takes to draw attention to these plans?

You see Gil, some of us have read the proposed healthcare plan. And regardless of political affiliation, many of the plans are not popular among the American people.

Liberals cried and screamed about holding elected officials accountable during the Bush years. But when Obama gets in office, those holding officials accountable are demonized as "evil mongering" and "mobs". Does that really make sense?

This is no longer a battle over healthcare. This is a battle of blind stupidity vs. common sense. This is a battle to take America back from a political party that should have quitely passed away decades ago.

Unfortunately, the Democrats don't seem to want to let it go.

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