Sunday, March 29, 2009

Something fishy going on at LNP with editorials

It takes a Democrat
After reading the Gil Smart March 22 column, "Elitism the way it used to be," I must say he is one of the best writers in your paper.

In 1929, I saw the long lines of people standing in the rear of our city hall to get a loaf of bread and a head of cabbage. We had 12 years of the GOP's Calvin Coolidge and Herbert Hoover as presidents. It again will take a Democrat to get the economy rolling with the hope that the stimulus money will get the country working again for all the people.

Gil Smart, I would like to shake your hand.

-Henry R. Bonney, Reinholds

One problem, Mr. Bonehead. Calvin Coolidge was President from 1923-1929. Herbert Hoover was in office for less than a year. At best, that is 7 years of Republican Presidents. Do you really remember these things when you were six years old? Perhaps you've been getting your history lessons from Joe Biden, who believes FDR got on TV in 1929 to talk about the Great Depression.

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