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Obama the first tech President? He used AOL as recently as 2008 and admitted to not knowing much about computers in 2000

Correspondence from the planning of ICAIL 2001

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Great to hear from you! My students told me you were in town; had I known, I would have made a point of coming to the discussion.

As for the banquet, I'm flattered by the request. Two concerns. First, the end of May is typically the end of our legislative session, which means that I may be tied up in Springfield during the banquet. I won't know the specific schedule for the year for another month probably. Of course, St. Louis is only an hour and a half from Springfield, so if I am in session, but the banquet is during down time for us, I'd be happy to come down.

The other concern is whether you really want to hear from a constitutional lawyer who is still trying to figure out all these rapid developments in technology.

Anyway, once you guys have a date, why don't you contact my assistant, Jennifer Mason, at senobama@XXXXX.XXXX, and we'll see what we can work out.

Your work sounds fascinating, and I look forward to hearing more about.



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