Sunday, February 22, 2009

Will Gil ever remove his head from his ass?

This week, Gil came up with this gem:

Some Southern governors tried to pretend last week that even though their states were facing massive budget holes, they might reject federal stimulus money. Now, there might be a pragmatic case for doing so — if the money was to fund programs that states might have a hard time killing if or when federal dollars dry up.

But the posturing, by Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal and others, seemed to have as much to do with "principle" as practicality. It's dirty money! And indeed, Friday Jindal said he would turn down as much as $98 million in federal unemployment assistance. He'll be hailed as a hero on the right, I'm sure. I suspect the people of Louisiana will be slightly less enthused.

Gil, may I please refer you to this article from February of 2009 titled "$3.9B in hurricane aid still unspent".

You're a fucking idiot!

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