Saturday, February 14, 2009

Gil,Gil, Gil...Bill "Ires"? Bill "Airs"!

Bill Ayers is not pronounced "Ires". It's pronounced "Airs". See here:

Watch Gil repeatedly pronounce it as "Ires". I don't mind if he wants to have an opinion on the guy, but can't he simply learn to pronounce the man's name?

Update: In Gil's colum, he actually spelled it "Ayres". He was not attempting to demonstrate the pronunciation of the word, it was actually misspelled.

Gil reasserts an incorrect statement by Larry Alexander - that Bill Ayers was invited to Millersville in February 2008 (which he may well have been) which was "before" he was "thrust into the public spotlight". That isn't true. Remember, the Presidential election of 2008 dragged on and on. I went back and found a few stories proving that the Obama-Ayers connection was being reported in February 2008. It was actually Hillary Clinton that stated Ayers was a liability for Obama.

Politico: Obama once visited 60's radicals - Feb 22, 2008

Who is Bill Ayers? 2008 CAMPAIGN | Former radical or respected prof, he's a liability if Obama's nominated, Hillary warns - April 18, 2008

Mentioned in the London Daily Mail - February 2, 2008

Obama's Weatherman Connection - Washington Post Blog February 2008

No, He Can't Because Yes, They Will - Feb 16, 2008

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