Friday, January 02, 2009

Breaking News! 26 out of 24 states do not submit certified Electoral College votes, Obama falls short of 270 required votes

I checked the Official U.S. Electoral College website today to get an idea of the votes that have come in to date. I was prompted to do this after entertaining the following questions on my blog wall from Lisa Karres [as edited].

Currently, Obama only has received 170 electoral votes. The deadline for submitting the votes was last week. Congress will meet on January 8th. Can Congress over-ride the Delegates if they did not give Obama his minimum required of 270?

I am told this is the first time in history that many Delegates did NOT report in or submit their votes by the deadline. I have been told that Indiana ALL voted "Present" and cast zero votes. Can SCOTUS over-ride the delegates and just make Obama POTUS?

Some say that no one has a right to file a lawsuit until on or after Janaury 8th that is why SCOTUS refused Leo and Cort's cases. Some say SCOTUS planned a strategy assigning Phil Berg's case to January 9th when he does have standing. I believe that the longer SCOTUS waits the more damage will be done.

For example, companies are creating collector coins, stamps and plates. The numerous Inaugural Balls are still being planned. People are donating to these Balls and purchasing flights and hotel reservations, etc. The more time and money spent, the more his supporters are getting comfortable with the idea of him being POTUS. Wouldn't it have been better to nip this back in mid November before so many people invested so much?

If SCOTUS is worried about riots, it is almost like they created that scenario. Surely Obama and his staff know what might happen to them. I heard that it is possible that his entire election and presidential staff could all be brought up on fraud charges. Wouldn't he be responsible for paying back millions of dollars in campaign donations? If it is found he is an illegal alien, would they deport him and if so, to where? Indonesia? Kenya? Just some thoughts. Would love to hear your responses. Thank You - Lisa Karres

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