Sunday, November 04, 2007

Some Funny Posts About Gil Smart

In a league with Imus

After reading Gil Smart's screed ["Smart Remarks," Oct. 28] there are several conclusions to which I have come:

1. His writings are tedious and predictable.

2. Mr. Smart is impassioned but not particularly intelligent.

3. He is one of the most prejudiced writers in Lancaster Newspapers.

4. He is emotional but not logical.

5. He is not interested in trying to understand his opponents' point of view; he states their "beliefs" (which may or may not be an accurate representation) and then attacks those "beliefs."

6. He reminds me of a newspaper Don Imus; mean-spirited, prejudiced, lacking any sense of humor, a dim bulb who does, however, have a better haircut than Imus.

-Jim Nissley, Lititz

A Smart solution?

I must take exception to Gil Smart. He manages to blame everything bad on the conservatives; this time global warming. There must be an awful lot of conservatives to be responsible for that.

His solution? Impose an additional $1-per-gallon gas tax to make people drive less. He uses driving of a Hummer and invasion of countries as examples that this action might be effective.

Mr. Smart, where did your Smart brain go just then? Nobody who drives a Hummer is concerned about fuel efficiency, regardless of cost.

I'm on a fixed, disability income. I drive to the store, to visit my family sometimes, to church, once in a great while on a vacation out of the area. Probably the same sorts of things you do, except for work (and maybe church). Are you asking me to curtail those activities? Will you?

Why don't you ask the celebrities and the wealthy, such as Al Gore, to move out of their oil-consuming mansions, limousines and airplanes. For them, a $1 increase in gas cost will mean nothing at all.

And the global warming argument itself is fraught with logical fallacies that the media is loathe to talk about. Catastrophes such as you cite have been a part of the globe since the beginning of time.

-Jim Harris, Ephrata

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