Friday, November 02, 2007

Latest Word That "Stuck on Stupid" Liberals Seem to be Stuck on: Waterboarding

Ok, now that I have provided the "final word" on waterboarding - the issue is mysteriously reappearing over and over again in the main stream media. Most recently, the phony issue has been used as an excuse to discriminate against a Bush nominee for attorney general named Michael Mukasey.

Ted Kennedy knows full well that Yukio Asano was not sentenced to 15 years of hard labor for "waterboarding", even though he attempted to slip this phony claim into the public mind. He must have known that the charge was specifically "water torture" and that Asano had a slew of other serious charges leveled against him that comprised the 15 year sentence.

The Asano sentence had nothing to do with what Kennedy alleges to be "waterboarding", but has to do with the "water cure". The main difference is that in waterboarding, the water never enters the mouth or nose. The water cure does. And even THAT does not necessarily mean it is "torture" unless there is actual submersion in water.

Refer to this article for more specifics. This is a "been there, done that" moment for some considerable time now.

What, historically, has been the Democrat position on waterboarding? I think the picture included says it all.

Things that make you go "hmmmm: : these are troops under a Democrat President's command engaged in waterboarding...

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