Wednesday, October 10, 2007

SCHIP of fools

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Ok, it's time to get alittle honest, here. Because some libs just can't seem to get it.

Republicans are not bullying 12 year olds.

Rush Limbaugh sums it up nicely.

What everybody is missing about this is what I think is the nuts and bolts of the whole program. This is the State Children's Health Insurance Program. It's ten years old, and it's up for renewal. The Democrats are trying to increase the program so that it covers "babies" up to the age of 25, families of four up to the income level of $83,000, and any number of other people. It's beyond "the poor." The poor have nothing to do with this program as the Democrats want it.

The president has not suggested it be "cut." The president wants to increase the funding by, what is it, $4 billion, annually, but keep the coverage at poor children. Now, the dirty little secret is this: the Democrats put lies into the Frost kids' heads; they send them out in television and radio to make these statements. One of the things that the kid said, "I just want children in my circumstance to be able to get the health care I got." Well, guess what? They got their health care under the previous iteration of the program! They don't need an increase in the program for them to qualify, strangely, because the state of Maryland can qualify whoever they want. So the whole thing is bogus! We don't need the massive Democrat expansion in order to get this Frost family covered. They were covered under this program as it currently exists. Yet they were trotted out to make it look like they would not have been able to recover from their auto accident because of George Bush. It's another flat-out smear, and lie, and misrepresentation by Democrats who cannot dare tell the truth about anything, and the truth in this case is their intention for this program to be one of many stealth programs to get us, stealthfully, down the road of socialized medicine, with the government running the whole thing. This poor family has been propped up and used -- and it's just typical for the Democrats.

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