Saturday, October 20, 2007

Healthcare Hillary Hilarity

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Yesterday, Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) Claimed Her Health Care Plan Would Not Cover Illegal Immigrants, But Last Month Her Policy Advisor Said The Issue Had Not Been Resolved:

"Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton Said Thursday That Immigrants Living In The U.S. Illegally Would Not Be Covered By Her Proposed Universal Health Care Plan." (Beth Fouhy, "Clinton Health Plan for Americans Only," The Associated Press, 10/18/07)

But Last Month, Hillary's Policy Advisor Said The Campaign Did Not Have A Position On The Issue And They Would "Have To Think Through [It] A Little Bit." "Senior policy adviser Laurie Rubiner-while acknowledging that undocumented immigrants are a 'huge issue' in this country-said, 'That's one we're going to have to think through a little bit'... When asked if it would be safe to assume that the Democratic frontrunner, at this point, has no position on coverage for illegal immigrants advisers answered 'yes' and said the plan does not 'at this point' deal with that issue." ("Clinton Has No Answers For Undocumented Immigrants,", 9/17/07)

Hillary Says That Her Plan Will Cover The 47 Million Uninsured, But The Census Bureau Report Says Over 10 Million Of Those Are Non-Citizens, Most Of Which Are Illegal Immigrants:

Hillary: "But if you are one of those 47 million uninsured ... you will now have the same choices that are available to members of Congress, because we will open up the plan that members of Congress have and give you a health choices menu to choose from." (Fox News' "Fox News Sunday," 9/23/07)

Note: The recent Census Bureau Report released on August 2007 discloses that 10.2 million of the 47 million uninsured were non-citizens in 2006. (U.S. Census Bureau, "Income, Poverty, and Health Insurance Coverage in the United States: 2006 Report," 8/28/07)

"[T]he Census Bureau Includes 10.2 Million Non-Citizens In Its Estimate. Does Sen. Clinton Intend To Admit Non-Citizens Into Her Plan?" (Lawrence A. Hunter, Op-Ed, "Hillary's Bomb May Blow Up U.S. System," The [Fort Lauderdale, FL] Sun-Sentinel, 9/29/07)

CNBC's Larry Kudlow Notes That At Least Three Out Of 10 Of The 47 Million Are Illegal Immigrants. "The federal health care program, if we can all subscribe to it, is very interesting. What controls and regulations we don't know but let me raise this point. Of this mythical number...Fifty million uninsured ...what we found is at least three out of ten include illegal immigrants." (CNBC's "Kudlow And Cramer, 10/11/07)

RE-LIVING HISTORY: Hillary Says Her '93 Plan Did Not Cover Illegal Immigrants, But Employers Were Required To Cover Their Illegal Workers:

Hillary: "[W]e did not cover them in '93/'94 and my plan does not cover them now." (ABC's "This Week With George Stephanopoulos," 9/23/07)

HillaryCare '93 Specifically Required Employers To Cover Illegal Immigrants. "[E]mployers are required to pay health insurance premiums for all of their employees, regardless of immigration status." (The White House Domestic Policy Council, "The President's Health Security Plan," 1993, p. 18-19)

Hillary's Plan Not Only Required Employers To Insure Their Illegal Workers But Granted Them Protection From Deportation. "The plan does require employers to provide insurance for all their employees, whether they are here illegally or not. So it is conceivable that some undocumented workers would be covered. At the same time, the plan would protect these workers against deportation by preventing insurers from sharing information with the Immigration and Naturalization Service." (Sheryl Stolberg and Edwin Chen, "Illegal Immigrant Health Policy Told," Los Angeles Times, 9/20/93)

"Alliances Do Not Share Information Related To Health Insurance Premiums Paid By Employers With The Immigration And Naturalization Services." (The White House Domestic Policy Council, "The President's Health Security Plan," 1993, p. 19)

Hillary's Senate Voting Record Shows That She Is Likely To Provide Benefits For Illegal Immigrants Intended For Hard-Working American Citizens:

Hillary Voted Against Prohibiting Illegal Immigrants From Claiming Social Security Credits. "Specter, R-Pa., motion to table (kill) the Ensign, R-Nev., amendment no. 3985 that would bar illegal immigrants currently in the country from claiming Social Security credits for work done in years before they are assigned a valid Social Security number." (S. 2611, CQ Vote #130: Motion Agreed To 50-49: R 11-44; D 38-5; I 1-0, 5/18/06, Clinton Voted Yea)

Hillary Voted Against Prohibiting Illegal Immigrants From Claiming The Earned Income Tax Credit. "Sessions, R-Ala., amendment no. 4108 that would prohibit illegal immigrants who earn legal status under the bill, including those in the United States illegally before Jan. 7, 2004, from claiming the earned income tax credit until they receive citizenship." (S. 2611, CQ Vote #154: Rejected 37-60: R 33-21; D 4-38; I 0-1, 5/25/06, Clinton Voted Nay)

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