Sunday, October 21, 2007

Gil makes major faux pas on blog

Gil posted unresearched information on his blog again today in a post called "Battle flag of a faithful republic".

I would think that those who fought for the Stars and Bars, some of them anyway, would indeed have described it as a “Christian” flag, because I think many of them fought for a “Christian cause” - their country. We look at the flag now and see the other things it has stood for, the things history has marked it as standing for. And it did stand for those things - for racism, for slavery. Still does, for some.

This is the "Stars and Bars".

This is NOT the "Stars and Bars". This is the "Battle Flag of the Confederacy".

This is the current flag of the state of Mississippi.

This battle flag is available today on many state license plates.

Georgia, North Carolina, Alabama, Maryland, Mississippi, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virgina.

This is due mostly to an organization called the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

The flag Gil appears to be talking about is similar to the Battle Flag of the Confederacy, but is referred to as the Confederate Navy Jack, also called "The Southern Cross". It is a rectangular precursor of the Battle Flag, usually about 5×3 feet. It did not appear until about half way into the Civil War (in 1863). As the Wikipedia entry for "Confederate Flag" notes, the "Battle Flag" colors incorporated into the design of the second "Navy Jack" flag has become recognized as "the Confederate Flag".

I will post the 1861-1863 Confederate Navy Jack here for the record.

The second Navy Jack will not be posted on this site due to its resemblance of "the Confederate Flag" and its connotations of racism and slavery.

To read more, visit here.

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