Sunday, September 16, 2007

Something rank about remarks

For indeed, right-wingers tell us, Iran poses an existential threat to the United States. You read that right: Iran, with a mere fraction of our population and gross national product, which spends 1/86th what we do on our military, threatens our very existence.


- Gil Smart

So you mean to tell me that a country with less people that is slightly larger than Alaska that has a fraction of the GDP spends less on their military than we do? Wow, now there is a real revelation...

Here is the Rank Order of Military expenditures as a percent of GDP.

The US spends about 4% while Iran spends about 2.5% of its GDP on its military. Vietnam also spends 2.5%. Didn't Dems escalate a war with them? Gee, Germany spends 1.5%, Italy spends 1.8% and Japan spends 0.8%. What was WWII all about Gil?

Maybe Gil thinks 66 million people chanting "Death to America" is no great cause for concern. Perhaps he should take a vacation to Iran.

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