Sunday, September 09, 2007

Smart seems very familiar with bathroom cruising...why is that?

Well, if we are to use the "logic" of the liberal media, it is because he is a gay transvestite hooker.

But even though the charge was "disorderly conduct", Craig is married with children, Craig insists he is NOT gay, and the post arrest interview reveals some holes in the police story, we must presume that Craig is gay?

I thought "sexual orientation" was no big deal, yet here is a prominent librul jumping up and down with joy, pointing his accusatory finger.

"Hey everyone - Craig is GAY!!!!!"

Boy, if that isn't hypocrisy - I don't know what is.

Gil talks about specks alot - but the Dems seems to have a Frank - er, plank in their own eye. Under the logic of librul media, should I expect Barney Frank's resignation on my desk tomorrow morning? I won't hold my breath.

"Toiletgate" has been flushed.

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