Sunday, July 22, 2007

Gil Smart: FBI a "bunch of ninnies" (stupid, foolish)

Scuba Intructors to Watch for Terror Training

The FBI is asking the nation’s scuba instructors to watch for potential terrorist threats. The agency’s Joint Terrorism Task Force recently alerted dive shops around the country to look out for divers seeking advanced training, including diving in murky water and in sewer pipes.

Flipped on the Weather Channel to see what the morning weather babes had to say and encountered one of those annoying "HeadOn" commercials. So I surfed over to CNN, where I found something infinitely worse.

At the bottom of the screen was the red-bannered headline, "Scuba terror alert."
Scuba terror alert?

And apparently it all had to do with potential terrorists taking scuba lessons so that they might plant explosives in bridge piers and some such. A legitimate concern, I'm sure.

But scuba terror alert?

What a bunch of ninnies we have become.

Gil Smart, LNP


Definition of "ninny"

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