Sunday, June 03, 2007

Arrogant weasels

They have given us the most ill-conceived, poorly-executed war in our nation's history, one that has made us less safe, not more. Like Carter, Our Leader has presided over high gas prices — which, in part, are a direct result of that war.

Is this statement in anyway true?

Several months ago, I researched and found that the War on Terror has the lowest KIA rate in the history of any US war. I went back to find out if it is still the case.

Here were the stats then:

US war dead (KIA per month) 52
Months at war: 43
Average US KIA per day 1.73

US war dead (KIA per month) 3
Months at war: 60
Average US KIA per day 0.1

As of June 1, 2007, Iraq has 2,838 US KIA in total and 206 in Afghanistan (total). Source.

Today, it is 50 months at war in Iraq and 67 months in Afghanistan.

So 2,838 divided by 50 will give us the average per month in Iraq. I get 57.

Divide by 30 to get Average US KIA per day is 1.892.

Afghanistan is 206/67 = 3, per day is still 0.1 US KIA per day in Afghanistan.

So the war in Iraq is now the SECOND LOWEST US KIA RATE in US history, preceded only by the Revolutionary War which has a Average US KIA per day of 1.8 (but lasted 80 months and was fought here in the US).

However, it is the lowest KIA RATE in the US history of foreign wars.

I then went onto and looked at the chart. Those Democrat "saviors" who were going to "put an end" to this war have not seemed to have done their job very well. The monthly KIA rate went up again. In fact, May 2007 had about the third highest KIA rate during the course of the Iraq War and the highest rate in about two years!

Then I looked at the casualty trends since the fall of Baghdad. The trend is the highest it has been since about January 2005! It had been on it's way to an attempted disengagement - until power-hungry Democrats made a grab for political power, that is.

So if anyone is arrogant - it is Gil Smart of LNP and the Democrat party, who falsely characterized this war as "the worst" and continue in their weasel-like arrogance. They remain opportunists - trying to salvage their bad choices in electing a peanut farmer for President.

The statement about gas prices is also arrogant.

Check this story which states:

What factors are causing gas prices to rise so quickly?

The biggest factor in rising costs is the price of crude oil, followed by the cost of refining.

If a gallon of gasoline costs $2.90 (this week's average, according to the Energy Department), crude oil accounts for about $1.60. The cost of crude oil on the futures market has risen about 33 percent in the last year. This reflects supply problems in such places as Nigeria, Iraq and the Gulf of Mexico, as well as the threat of supply problems in Iran.

Refining costs add another 64 cents or so to a gallon of gasoline. Refining margins have increased from a few years ago, and are especially high this spring, because many refineries are currently shut down for seasonal maintenance. Refineries are still recovering from the effects of last year's hurricanes. And they are adjusting to more stringent low-sulfur fuel requirements and the phase-out of the gasoline additive MTBE.

The balance of the price is taxes -- about 55 cents -- and distribution and marketing costs, which account for about 11 cents per gallon.

Here is an interesting story from August 10, 2005 called MTBE Phase-Out will Stretch US Gasoline Supply-EIA which states:

US refiners' attempts to phase out a water-fouling gasoline additive could mean "transition pressure" for gasoline prices next summer, the US Energy Information Administration said Tuesday.

What a strange coincidence! "Our Leader" had to correct some thing issued in the Clean Air Act, which was originally passed in 1970. Well, gee - who was the majority party in the Senate in the 70's? Democrats!!!!

So - to clarify - Democrats demanded this fuel additive to make the emissions cleaner (called MTBE, and was later found to be a carcinogen) so it had to be removed because it was leaking into water supplies and poisoning the environment. LOL!

The National Petrochemical and Refiners Association estimates that MTBE accounts for 1.6 percent of US gasoline supplies. The phase-out could take about 150,000 barrels per day of gasoline-blending components off the market, the EIA said.

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