Sunday, May 20, 2007

Waterboarding Gil?

Gil still does not seem to understand the basic differences between medieval waterboarding and modern waterboarding. I posted about this last year and if anyone wants a refresher course - it is posted at

It isn't rocket science to figure out.

Unfortunately, Gil likes to rely on the same old trickery and treachery liberals have always been so fond of, I guess. I am not sure how else to explain why this man can't simply read about this in an online encyclopedia.

To be honest, his weekly column is more torturous than modern waterboarding because it is like watching a bad train wreck.

If he is so upset about torture, why doesn't he vote Democrat?

You know, the party that A-bombed the Japanese after they would not unconditionally surrender. So much for diplomacy, I guess. But we have all been taught in school, we had no choice but to A-bomb those innocent civilians - incinerate them by the hundreds of thousands. Those that didn't die were poisoned by the fallout.

The Democrats - the party of peace and the supreme foreign relations experts...righhhttt...

Get a clue!

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