Monday, May 14, 2007

Smart still smarting from Bill O'Reilly

It's pretty funny, watching this wanna-be newspaper columnist getting pissed off about the "Most Ridiculous Item of the Day" tag O'Reilly gave him (courtesy of yours truly?). LOL.

Now he wants to make it a personal thing between him and Bill O'Reilly. Yeah, right. Like he is even half the reporter Bill is. Bill smacked this guy down so hard, Smart is still smarting about it.

I think O'Reilly won't even bat an eyebrow at this stupid column. It almost sounds semi-coherent, but not really. Just more bitter pills from a crackpot nobody who is fortunate enough to find someone stupid enough to pay him some cash for his corny (and often misinformed) point of view. Maybe his column arouses Marv Adams in some strangely sexual way - especially the info on Longs Park?

Lancaster deserves better than this. Honestly guys. I don't even care if it's someone liberal. Just get some new, fresh perspectives in the Lancaster Newspaper. And please, don't ask - don't tell.

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