Sunday, April 29, 2007

Berlin and Baghdad aren't the same? Well, you got one thing right

Iraq, unlike Germany, did not declare war on us; therefore a "pre-emptive" invasion, launched by the self-appointed moral arbiter of the world, was always going to require a greater degree of restraint than shown in World War II.

Iraq violated 14 UN resolutions, resulting in a "material breach" of resolution 1441.

The Avalon Project - Germany declares war on the U.S. a few days after Japan launches a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor.

The Government of the United States having violated in the most flagrant manner and in ever increasing measure all rules of neutrality in favor of the adversaries of Germany and having continually been guilty of the most severe provocations toward Germany ever since the outbreak of the European war, provoked by the British declaration of war against Germany on September 3, 1939, has finally resorted to open military acts of aggression.

On September 11, 1941, the President of the United States publicly declared that he had ordered the American Navy and Air Force to shoot on sight at any German war vessel. In his speech of October 27, 1941, he once more expressly affirmed that this order was in force. Acting under this order, vessels of the American Navy, since early September 1941, have systematically attacked German naval forces. Thus, American destroyers, as for instance the Greer, the Kearney and the Reuben James, have opened fire on German sub-marines according to plan. The Secretary of the American Navy, Mr. Knox, himself confirmed that-American destroyers attacked German submarines.

Furthermore, the naval forces of the United States, under order of their Government and contrary to international law have treated and seized German merchant vessels on the high seas as enemy ships.

The German Government therefore establishes the following facts:

Although Germany on her part has strictly adhered to the rules of international law in her relations with the United States during every period of the present war, the Government of the United States from initial violations of neutrality has finally proceeded to open acts of war against Germany. The Government of the United States has thereby virtually created a state of war.

The German Government, consequently, discontinues diplomatic relations with the United States of America and declares that under these circumstances brought about by President Roosevelt Germany too, as from today, considers herself as being in a state of war with the United States of America.

Accept, Mr. Charge d'Affaires, the expression of my high consideration.

December 11, 1941.

If you want to see the declaration of war on the United States by terrorism, which Iraq is part of the war on terror, then here is that declaration.

Saddam declares holy war on the U.S. on August 10, 1990.

Hussein calls for holy war, urging "Moslem masses" to rise up against US forces in Saudi Arabia and against pro-Western Arab leaders, whom he accuses of blaspheming Islam. At emergency summit in Cairo, Arab leaders vote 12 to 3 to send troops to Saudi Arabia to help defend against possible invasion by Iraqi forces. Libya, PLO join Iraq in opposing resolution; Yemen abstains. Jordan votes to approve resolution "with reservations." Canada, France, Australia send ships to Gulf area. (New York Times, 11 August 1990, A1; Washington Post, 11 August 1990, A1; 12 August 1990, A22)

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