Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Why can't more Dems be like this one?

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Former Sen. Zell Miller says abortion has claimed the lives of more than 45 million Americans since 1973, and is to blame for manpower shortages in the U.S. military and the looming Social Security crisis.

"How could this great land of plenty produce too few people in the last 30 years?” Miller asked during a recent fund-raiser in Macon, Ga. "Here is the brutal truth that no one dares to mention: We’re too few because too many of our babies have been killed. Over 45 million since Roe v. Wade in 1973.”

"If those 45 million children had lived, today they would be defending our country, they would be filling our jobs, they would be paying into Social Security,” Miller said, according to LifeSiteNews.com. "Still, we watch as 3,700 babies are killed every single day in America. It is unbelievable that a nation under God would allow this.”


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