Sunday, March 04, 2007

Not-so-marvelous Marv Adams takes last stand for crappy column

This week, under the heading of "Smart Remarks", Marv Adams has apparently received so many complaints (both externally and internally) that he has leaped to the defense of Smart Remarks, ensuring us that Mr. Smart's opinion is - quote- "his own".

I call bullshit. Big, fat, gigantic bullshit. Marv himself says:

The editorial policy is set by the editor (yours truly). If that sounds autocratic, well, it is, although I do bounce ideas off staff members.

Yeah, I bet he bounces those ideas right off their heads and knocks them out.

Autocratic is synonymous with despotic - meaning " a : a ruler with absolute power and authority b : a person exercising power tyrannically" (Merriam Webster).

Thanks Marv. I couldn't have put it much better myself. You've just about summed it up.

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