Sunday, February 25, 2007

Calling for the resignation of Gil Smart

I wanted to especially thank those letter writers in this week's Sunday paper who couldn't have put it better.

Gil should throw in the Terrible Towel and call it quits.

It is my stance that Gil does not research his column. He doesn't give us informed opinions. In fact, he could be doing more harm than good in propogating certain myths and fallacies in his column.

It certainly would be refreshing to get a new perspective, even if it were a liberal one. All I would ask is that it would at least be an informed opinion rather than a confessional about how you say certain phrases "just to tick people off."

Lancaster deserves someone that will give us a respectful column, regardless of our political views. If Gil wants to write a blog like that, I don't see a problem with it. But week after week on the front page of the Lancaster Sunday News perspective section is getting quite old and people are just fed up with the mistreatment that LNP allows.

LNP just seems to be a very amature place to work with little professionalism these days. I hope they will see that and mend their ways.

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