Saturday, January 13, 2007

House Democrats' Week in Review

First on the board for this week after appointing a former KKK Klansman to the #4 spot was HR 1. A bill that was supposed to implement all of the 9/11 Commission Recommendations but didn't.

H.R. 1
The 9/11 Commission Recommendations

To top it off, the Berger Report comes out about that time telling us that the 9/11 Commission did not get all the facts.

HR 1 - passed the House, but in my opinion FAILED

HR2 was supposed to raise the minimum wage to $7.25. This year, your wages will go up to $5.85 (in about 60 days). A year after that to 6.22 and finally - two years later - we will reap the benefits of the $7.25 minimum wage. Of course, by that time - your taxes will be that much higher so it doesn't really matter.

HR 2 - passed the House, but in my opinion FAILED

HR 3 was aupposed to "allow stem cell research". Embryonic stem cell research was ALREADY allowed. The real issue was federal funding for a process that killed an embryo. President Bush drew this ethical line in 2001 when he approved stem cell research federal funding. He has promised to veto this legislation. And although Pelosi was hoping for a veto-proof bill - she missed by a mile.

Not that any of this is really relevant anyone since recent advances in stem cell research and ambiotic fluid makes the debate pointless.

HR 3 - FAILS (but passed the House).

HR 4 - was supposed to give the government more power in bargaining on prescription drug prices. This one is too boring to mention - and if you actually saw any improvements in prices, I would be surprised.


More failures:

Messing with the time clock

Stall pork-reform vote

Dems promise to work a five day work week but take off Monday for football.

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