Monday, January 08, 2007

First 100 Hours Update

In about 3 hours, the "First 100 Hours" of Democrat rule come to an end. Literally.

If you started at 12 noon on last Thursday and looked at the clock at 4pm today, it would be 100 hours later.

However, I was informed that Democrats have 100 legislative hours to get these bills, which they introduced on Day One, passed.

So now, it is the "First 100 Legislative Hours".

I tell you what. I will give these Dems another chance. I will give them the "First 100 Legislative Hours", but only if we can count the legislative hours from last week, which is 19 hours. You can verify this on Http:// by checking the start times and end times for each day.

Really, today should count, because Democrats promised to work a five day work week. However, they took this Monday off, reportedly because of football. Then legislation starts tomorrow around noon.

(We have important things to accomplish, so take the day off and come in late tomorrow!)

However, I will be even MORE generous and will not count this Monday, next Monday, or the other days they have crossed off on their calendar.

So let's give them a totally fair shake and see what they can do...I will see you sometime tomorrow afternoon when they finally get around to the "First 100 Hour" plan.

In the meantime, check what Democrat promises have been broken so far.

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