Sunday, December 31, 2006

Gil scratches his head

He just can't figure out why his column is getting so many angry responses.

Maybe it's because people are sick and tired of media manipulation? You know what I am talking about. Gerald Ford opposes the Iraq War (wrong). The Downing Street Memo (fraud). October "deadliest month" (not). The list goes on and on and people are, quite frankly, tired of the media lies. The people are revolting against the media because I think many of them blame the media for brainwashing the public into thinking that conservatism is wrong and evil. And it isn't.

Now Gil is going to have the "What me?" mentality. Right. Mr. 150,000 frozen embryos himself is going to wonder why his newspaper is getting angry responses.

Gil wants to convince us that the election results were not liberalism or conservatism movements, but populist. No, I think it was just that most Americans tune into the news and are brainwashed by a bunch of news monkeys (they fling poo).
Wouldn't you vote Democrat if Dan Rather convincing could show you that Bush is the Antichrist?

A segment of the population has become very aware of what is going on, while another segment (a larger portion) is not realizing it. Therefore, the smaller group is yelling and shouting in hopes that the others with the bag over their head will wake up and pay attention.

The louder they yell, the better. Gil just thinks this is so funny. But the truth is he is mocking it because he knows that it will result in the permanent erasure of the DNC.

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